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Polybutylene Repipe & Polybutylene Repiping in Denver Colorado CO

Polybutylene is one of the worst plumbing systems ever invented. If you have Polybutylene Plumbing, it is a ticking time bomb that will eventually fail usually causing major damages. Chlorine in Denver Colorado water will eventually cause the Polybutylene to fail. There are no immune to failure Polybutylene systems, all will eventually fail. Repipe Polybutylene immediately to avoid major home, business, or apartment damages. A great replacement for Polybutylene Pipe is a PEX Repipe.

CPVC Repipe & CPVC Repiping in Denver Colorado CO

CPVC Repiping is very troublesome to say the least. Many of the major US Repipe Companies are using CPVC to Repipe Polybutylene, Repipe Galvanized, and to Repipe Copper. We believe that CPVC may be the next Polybutylene as it has not proven to perform very well over history. CPVC systems in Denver Colorado will likely fail in a 25 year period causing costly damages not covered by the manufacturers warranty. A better solution to CPVC would be to Repipe Green with PEX.

Galvanized Repipe & Galvanized Repiping in Denver Colorado CO

Galvanized Plumbing ranks up there with Polybutylene Plumbing as one of the worst plumbing materials ever made. Galvanized systems still in use that have not failed are a time bomb waiting to burst. Galvanized Plumbing under ideal conditions has a life expectancy of about 40 to 50 years in Denver Colorado. If you have Galvanized Plumbing, you should Repipe Galvanized with a better material such as PEX immediately.

Copper Repipe & Copper Repiping in Denver Colorado CO

Copper seems to be the plumbing material of choice these days for new construction and sometimes even Repiping. Depending on the soil conditions where Copper Piping is installed, Copper can deteriorate quickly due to chemical reactions in the soil as well as electrolysis and can fail. Copper Plumbing in Denver Colorado soil has a life expectancy of about 25 years give or take a few years. A Copper Repipe should be done in a more stable and reliable material such as PEX.

Kitec Repipe & Kitec Repiping in Denver Colorado CO

Kitec is another inferior Repipe material that is prone to failures. If you have Kitec plumbing in Denver Colorado, you should Repipe Kitec with a better material such as PEX immediately.

PEX Green Repipe & PEX Green Repiping in Denver Colorado CO

If you have any of the above plumbing types in Denver Colorado you will likely need to Repipe at some point in home ownership. Repipe Green in Denver Colorado with a PEX Repipe. PEX is the best Repipe solution available on the market and has a life expectancy of more than 100 years and a manufacturers warranty to back it. If you are going to invest in a Repipe for your Home, why not use the best, longest lasting, Repiping material with a track record there is? For Repipe and Repiping in Denver Colorado, call Integrity Plumbing at 1-877-4-REPIPE (1-877-473-7473) to discuss any Repipe or Repiping need in the USA. We Repipe Homes, Apartments, and Commercial Business.

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